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I love Meditation

I once heard a story from dr Joe Dispenza about a woman who always fell asleep during here Meditations. When he asked here where she would Meditate, she replied ‘in my bed’. Joe said she would associate her bed with sleep and would start getting in a state of sleep as soon as she closed her eyes. So, WHERE you meditate is actually important.

Claim a little space, or entire room, in the house just for yourself and dress it up nice, for extra good results.

Why use a Candle during Meditation?

The most common way to Meditate is to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Some people, however, are not comfortable with this or are unable to focus on their breath without trying to control it. In this case you can choose to use a candle instead.

You can then focus your full attention on the flames.. Let the relaxation begin!

Dress up your Meditation space with a poster or wall cloth.

It can really help the power of your Meditation if you set up a nice little corner for yourself to sit and relax. You can use a cushion and blanket and put down some candles.

A nice extra touch would be to hang up some beatifull posters or a nice wall cloth. Just anything that brings up a nice and calm emotion within you.

yoga and meditation

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Yoga and Meditation Essentials

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