Complete Sets

Yoga and Meditation Essentials

Yoga and Meditation

Get a Complete beginners set!

It can be really beneficial to buy an entire Yoga- or Meditation set. Especially when your just starting out and need everything new anyway!

And what is nicer than an entire outfit PLUS accessories that complement each other.

Yoga Sets.

There are so many things you will buy throughout your yoga-life, so why not save some money and buy a beautiful set. I think most women will probably buy more then one yoga-outfit anyway and it can save you some money to get a pants and top togheter.

Meditation Sets.

You can think of a set containing just a meditation cushion and a blanket, but there are so many more accessories you can use during your meditation.

Think of: candles, incense, chakra stones and towels.

yoga and meditation

Complete Sets

Yoga starterskit – by

JadeYoga’s yoga Starter Kit is perfect for new yogis.

Includes Jade’s new 4mm Level One™ natural rubber yoga mat, 1 small cork yoga block, an 8’ yoga strap plus 30 days of FREE online yoga classes from Yoga International. 

Available with Classic Royal Blue or Classic Purple mat.  Not only is Jade’s mat eco-friendly, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold – with over 1,000,000 trees planted so far.

Add the Macaranga bag for just $50!



Green Yogi set – by Wai Lana

I’ll admit it, this is more like a gift basket, but you can still give it to yourself! Off course it’s also a great present, though.

This Wai Lana Green Yogi set includes a cork yoga block, an Eco yoga Mat, an organic cotton tote and an organic cottong tote strap.



Essentials Yoga Kit by Yoga Direct

This YogaDirect Essentials Yoga Kit includes a FREE yoga strap together with all the yoga accessories you need to get started. These are all studio quality products used by professionals and novices alike.

The YogaDirect Essentials Yoga Kit includes one Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat, one Large Nylon Zippered Mat Bag, one 6′ Pinch Yoga Strap, one Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket, and two 3”x6”x9” Foam Yoga Blocks.

YogaDirect has many more sets to choose from.



Studio Set for 10 or 100 students – by Wai Lana

 As a yoga teacher opening a new studio or looking to upgrade your yogagear, buying a set is much cheaper. These Wai Lane studio sets for 10 students include: 10x Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mats, 10x 8′ D-Ring Yoga Straps 10x Foam Yoga Blocks, 10x Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blankets and 10x Supportive Round Cotton Yoga Bolsters.

Also available for 100 students.