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What is a Meditation bench and when should you use one? Why would you choose a Meditation bench over a Meditation cushion or just your yoga mat?

You will find more information on benches down here, and for more information on Meditation cushions you can check this page!

What is a Meditation bench?

What is a Meditation bench? A Meditation bench is a little, usually wooden, stool that will help you sit in a good angle during Meditation.

A lot of people experience numbness or a tingling feeling in the legs while sitting in a cross-legged position. A bench will prevent this as you will get into a kneeling position and rest on your ankles.

This way you will be able to hold your sitting position for much longer and you will not get distracted because of body discomfort.

Why should I use one?

A Meditation bench is perfect for people who are not able to sit (comfortably) in the cross-legged position. You can train yourself to be able to do it in the future but a bench might be a very comfortable choice when your starting out.

If you are able to sit cross-legged but you want to sit up higher a Meditation cushion may be a better choice for you.

Both will help you get into the right angle. But, wheter you want a bench or a cushion is up to you. Compare the benefits foe yourself here. Meditation cushions.

yoga and meditation

Meditation Benches


Bamboo meditation bench – by Beanproducts

Bean Products Meditation Bench allows you to switch back and forth between sitting and kneeling, giving additional comfort during longer meditation sessions.

The special curved bottom surface of the legs allows the meditator to instinctively adjust spine and pelvis alignment.

Designed in the U.S. and made in China with high quality, beautiful and sustainable fast growing bamboo wood, protected with a durable eco-friendly natural oil finish.

Combine with a Meditation Cushion.



Made from beautiful and environmentally sustainable fast growing bamboo. This Eco-friendly finish gives you a long lasting beauty. The extra large rust proof hinges insures long dependability.

Available in Foldable or Magnetic design!