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I love Yoga

YOGA! YOGA! YOGA! I love to do Yoga every, single day! First thing in the morning, just after I wake up. It is a great way to start your day positive.

I find it that after a good Yoga session, I tend to get into a deeper state of Meditation as well. It is believed that you release your energy during Yoga to prepare your body for a more peaceful Meditation. So, double win!

How many calories does yoga burn?

How many calories you will burn in one yoga session depends on a lot of factors. Firstly off course, the duration of your yoga session. Men tend to burn more calories then women and the type of yoga you practice is also important. The yoga style that burns the most calories is vinyasa as it is a full body workout.

So depending on the intensity of your yoga session you can burn anywhere between 180 and 600 calories an hour!

That alone is enough reason to role out your mat and practice everyday! 🙂

Need some help?

Can yoga help with weight loss?

So, if you do an intensive yoga workout you can burn quite some calories. Yoga has SO MANY health benefits, not only for your body, but also definitely for your mind!

Although it’s very healthy it’s not really made especially for weight-loss. It will help if you choose a more intense yoga style, like hot yoga, or Bikram.

So, can you lose weight from doing yoga? Yes, definitely! But you should make healthy choices besides that.

The truth is most people get into yoga to get more mindful, but you can definitely benefit from it that little extra..

Yoga and meditation

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Why Yoga is good for you.

There are many reasons why Yoga is so good for you. Firstly, It can help you start your day in a positive way. When we wake up, we automatically grab our phone and check the news or whatever.. When you can create a new habit for yourself to leave your phone for a while and take some time to yourself first, to do Yoga and Meditation, it can be SO beneficial to the ENTIRE day to come!

Clear your head.

While you do yoga you can really clear your head. On top of, holding the poses can build more strength. You can build more core strength which can help you stand op more straight! Yoga will also improve your balance, flexibility and posture. Practice yoga often and it can reduce lower-back pain.

Many people work from behind a desk all day, in a very wrong position, for sometimes hours on-ended. Pain is often inevitable. Doing Yoga everyday, even if only for a short time, will help you immensely!

While practicing yoga you warm up your muscles and you increase your blood flow. It can help you sleep better and may also help against stress and anxiety.